Learn French 16

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Learn French 16 : The deck of cards

A deck of cards
= un jeu de cartes

a card = une carte

spade = pique
heart = cœur
diamond = carreau
clubs = trèfle

ace = as (♂)
deuce = 2 (deux)
3 = trois
4 = quatre
5 = cinq
6 = six
7 = sept
8 = huit
9 = neuf
10 = dix
(in terms of cards the numbers are always masculine)
jack (knave) = valet (♂)
queen = dame (or reine) (♀)
king = roi (♂)

Solution to the test :
- le trois de trèfle
- l’as de coeur
- le valet de carreau
- le roi de pique
- la dame de cœur
- le dix de trèfle
- le sept de pique

Merci à tous ^_^

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learn french lesson-learn french language online

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learn french language online

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Voilà – Episode One

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Learn basic French: 2 minute lesson.

Learn the basics of French language with style

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Learn French – Vocabulary: Numbers

April 27, 2009 by admin · 17 Comments 

French Vocabulary: Numbers, numerals. To learn a new language from other native speakers, visit Rockle Lingomigo at: http://www.rockle.com/language/amigo

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Cherokee language lesson –days of week monday wash day

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Cherokee Language Lesson-Giduwa Keetoowah Dialect Monday Wash Day ‘undodaquonvhi — notice the “intrusive H” sound at the beginning (giduwa dialectical difference) and that the “-HI” at the end is silent and is proceeded by the “Nv” syllable sounds like the “v” sound in the french word “Lundy” (and its hard to hear the nasal on here but its there) and “Nv” rhymes with English words line “none”, “run”, and “Nun”.

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Learn French 19: Eventually vs Eventuellement

March 1, 2009 by admin · 20 Comments 

“Eventually” and “éventuellement”

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Learn French pt2 – ‘Jump Start French’ -

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Learn the basics of French with Learn a Language

Jump Start Language Basics Series


Imagine you are visiting a foreign country next week!

We have developed short language courses designed to teach you all the language you will need to know to take you through a typical trip — whether you are a tourist or business visitor.

You’ll learn enough in just a few days to make a real difference to the enjoyment and success of your trip.

Practical and easy-to-use, the Jump Start series also addresses all learning styles.

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Cherokee Language Lesson- Thank you Letter

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Christmas is over, and if you are like me, you might still have a few thank you notes to write– so here is a helpful Cherokee Language Lesson for “A Thank You, Note” Giduwa (Keetoowah) Eastern cherokee Dialect (aka Middle dialect) Now you can write a thank you note too! Just replace my name with yours! Has words like “thanks” “I appreciate you” and “I really appreciate you” Or “I appreciate you very much” and close your letter with “Sincerely Yours”. Start corresponding in Tsalagi (Cherokee) from now on! remember, the “-hi” at the ends of words is usually only written, not spoken. Also, in the Eastern dialect, (of Big Cove NC) the “tsa–” sounds like “Za” and sometimes the “Tse” has a “Ch”sound to it. Notice the “Gv” is like the French “u” sound as in “lundy”– in English, it approximates “Sun” “Fun” and “run” sound, but is nasalized. The Eastern (Giduwa) Dialect is spoken on the Qualla in North Carolina, especially in Big Cove.

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Learn French insults

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french lesson

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Learn French : Oh là là

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**** RE-UPLOADED ****
Originally posted on:
January 21st 2007

Thanx Youtube for featuring me a 2nd time

I’ve always wondered why this random french expression was so famous among foreigners until I realized I said it at least 5 times a day (at the veeeerrryyy least). Here is my attempt at explaining it’s meaning…
(sorry for the lousy sound and image quality, I filmed this with my mobile phone.)

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