Learn French Language Fast – 7 Proven Tips

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Bonjour ! Today i want to share some important tips to learn the French Language rapidly. I will speak about the 7 most important ones. The French language is a beautiful language to learn and has a global importance. Aside from that learning a language makes you smarter. A lot want to learn the French language nowadays and if possible as fast as possible.

Here are my tips to learn the French language quickly!

Tip 1: What kind of learner are you? What kind of learning methods suit you best learning the french language. Some manage to learn a great deal through reading, others might need more visual aid and then again others learn great through audio. By figuring this out you can determine whether you need a higher emphasis on books, software or mp3′s for example.

Tip 2: Plan time for it well ahead if you have a busy schedule due to work, studies . Plan in any free time after working/college or in the weekends. Aside from that make a quick balance how much you spend on other activities at this moment. Language learning requires good planning.

Tip 3: Try to figure out what you are willing to spend learning french. After you set this make sure to follow your budget. Can you afford to have one on one private schooling? Can you afford a full immersion course at a French Language school in France? Some rather are not willing to spend a lot and would prefer to use free materials and Learn French Home Study courses. Research and find out what the costs are and try to create the best solution.

Tip 4: Do not procrastinate. Once you have set a time-plan and allocated your resources, stick to it!. Then evaluate your progress and make modifications on your following month if needed.

Tip 5: What are your main Goals regarding French fluency? Do you want to learn Conversational French that will help you through your travels and basic talks. Is your wish to become fluent being able to converse on deeper subjects and topics (e.g. business French) ?

Tip 6: Start by finding some French movies with English subtitles and the other way around. Watch some of your favorite movies in French. This to start getting the feel of the French Language and accent. Really start living in a French environment.

Tip 7: Try to find a French language partner online or offline with whom you can correspond over email or chat.

The above 7 crucial tips should help a great deal to learn the French language. I am passionate about my native language. It’s a great feeling to speak with others in a different language. Most importantly French language learning is really fun!

What is the best textbook in India to learn French from?

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I need to literally learn French in a year. I know this is almost impossible but i have no choice. I am writing the ICSE Boards in March, and my 2nd language is French. I need to learn french and even get in some practice in writing compositions and letters. Are there any websites or books that can help me with this?

ken use Dondo, (very self explanatory)
or also Parle Vous francais
actually also depends on which board you are in, CBSE, ICSE,SSC, IGCSE, ect.
but i suggest u use the textbook in CBSE pattern. Its quite thorough/
even i needed 2 study french coz i had 2 migrate n since m from india its not exactly my mother tongue or sumtin….
u probably won be fluent at it studin for 1st time but practise makes it better i guess> no guarantee
if u want a quicker way of learning the language, suggest go 2 France , Paris for a vacation. You cant help but pickit up coz dats d only way 2 communicate…. theres also loadz of shoppin if ur girl ;D

gud luck

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La week-end visite

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La nices de Karen viennent…avec ses familles.

Duration : 0:3:58

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Learn French 5

July 27, 2009 by admin · 25 Comments 

Learn French Phrases: This lesson covers 3 common used french Phrases. Learn to speak French for free.

= Commencer à faire quelque chose

→ I started learning Chinese.

= J’ai commencé à apprendre le Chinois.

= Arrêter de faire quelque chose

→ He stopped smoking last week.
= Il a arrêté de fumer la semaine dernière.

= Continuer à faire quelque chose (also « continuer de »)

→ This book is not very interesting, but I will continue to read it.

= Ce livre n’est pas très intéressant, mais je vais continuer à le lire.

Duration : 0:2:21

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Learn French – Les adjectifs

July 21, 2009 by admin · 20 Comments 

Learn to speak French Language for Free. Learn the French “Les adjectifs” with this video.

Learn French – Les adjectifs

Duration : 0:2:11

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Episode 07: Walk, Talk and Learn French

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In this week's episode, Pierre-Benoit and Mark look at superlatives – how to say "the most", "the biggest", "the greatest" – and "the hairiest"!

Duration : 7 min 15 sec

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What is the best free way to learn French?

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What is the best free way to learn french for FREE w/o sitting in a class room?

speak it in your ind. connect together hat you've learned. go to aboutfrench.com and francais facil.com

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How to Speak in French

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The best way to learn to speak French is from a young age, the second best way is from a really good course. Either way, listening to the way the words are pronounced and then trying them for yourself is the fast way to successfully mastering this as a second language.

From as young as I can remember, growing up in Europe, French was as important a second language to us as Japanese is to Australians. From tourism to duty free shopping, to migrating to a warmer climate to being an interpreter, learning French was an essential part of English primary school. To learn to speak French starts with the desire. What is the reason you would like to learn to speak French? The language itself has a flowing, free and somewhat sensual rhythm to it that the French say with pride is the only true romantic language and once you grasp the structure, it is relatively easy to build upon.

Back in the days when I was at school, they started us young. I learned French from the age of 7 and it was a totally interactive experience. We had French names, we were French shop-keepers, had French friends, of course this was all fictitious but it helped us to use and remember the language. After primary school we went on to what they called the ‘language labs’. This is where we heard a French phrase being spoken correctly and then we had to copy it onto a tape. Language Laboratories were a tremendous success in schools in the 1970s, there would be a whole classroom of students listening to French phrases over headphones and then recording their version of this phrase onto the tape to play back and listen to. There were some rather funny episodes too where we would be passed headphones to hear somebody’s pronunciation of a particular word or phrase! In the main though, this is a very effective method and one that is used today in many How To Speak French programs.

Kinesthetic learning is the fastest way to put something into your long term memory. It is one thing to read the French language, another to hear it being spoken, but when you actually start to hear yourself using the language, particularly when you can hear it played back if you have recorded it, this is a powerful learning method.

You may be considering going to France for a holiday, or you may just like the challenge of becoming bi-lingual, whatever the reason, learning to speak French will be one of the most satisfying experiences you can have. It is also very interesting to begin to use the language in the country itself; French people will be very flattered that you took the trouble to learn, even a few words, that you could use in a conversation with them.

So if you have been thinking about learning French, perhaps now is a great time to take it up. Amaze your friends, amuse your children, seduce your partner, whatever the outcome you will have a tremendous amount of fun and enjoyment learning one of the most beautiful languages in the world.

Steve Knowles

Walk, Talk and Learn French: Promo 2

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Pierre-Benoît introduces Walk, Talk and Learn French and explains what viewers can expect from this new show which teaches French grammar in an innovative and fun way.

Duration : 1 min 9 sec

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Common French Phrases : French Phrases for Train Travel

May 2, 2009 by admin · 17 Comments 

Parley like the French; learn common French phrases for transportation on a train in this free online foreign language video lesson.

Expert: Stéphanie Hourie Morrow
Bio: Stéphanie Hourie Morrow is a native French speaker and has been giving language lessons for 10 years.
Filmmaker: EV studios

Duration : 0:4:8

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