Audio Books: A New Way To Learn

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Interesting article that could help you learn the French language:

Audio books are books you can enjoy by listening to them. Commonly, these are literary works that come to life, at least for the sense of hearing, through the voices of professional narrators or even famous actors. Audio books have changed the way people read books by making it more convenient and easy. This new literary format is taking bibliophiles by storm.

There are two types of services where you can enjoy audio books. The first and the classic one is audio book rentals. This set up permits a reader to rent a specific number of audio books that are recorded in common media devices like cassette tapes and compact discs. In this arrangement, you order the audio books from vendors, wait for the mailman to deliver the audio books, finish reading them within a specified period or pay penalties, return the audio books thru vendor’s prepaid mail.

Obviously, this burdensome and winding process of renting or acquiring a book, not to mention the hassles of carrying or losing the cassette tapes or compact discs, has discouraged some book lovers from ever ordering audio books. So vendors, and major libraries this time, have ingeniously come up with the second type of audio book service, the audio book download.

As the name suggests, this service offers an option of acquiring or renting books by means of downloading the audio book online. For a minimal monthly cost, you can download a number of your favorite literary titles without waiting for delivery and without an obligation to return them as the encryption code for the audio books automatically expire on the due date.

Audio book rental and audio book download have their pros and cons. For instance, rentals are available only in the States, while downloads can be made anywhere in the world. Of course, rentals can be a lot cheaper, but downloads do not make you wait for the delivery. Notwithstanding the many advantages and disadvantages of these two audio book services, audio books are the newest vehicles for learning; together, audio book rental and download are effective and convenient in the following areas:

Driving Your Car

Driving can be very tiresome, if not totally draining. A perfect way to pass the time and keep your cool amidst the tangled traffic is by listening to audio books. If you are living far from your place of work, convert those long driving hours into learning sessions. An audio book is all you need to keep yourself alert while driving and to feed yourself new knowledge.

Taking Mass Transit

If you are taking the train or the bus to work, whay not be learning as you travel? This lifestyle leaves you no room for reading and learning new things; and you know what they say about reading and becoming a person of substance. Through audio books, you do not need to allocate precious time for reading books and experiencing its favorable effects on your personality. By using audio books, you can be reading books anytime, anywhere, and in any position at that!

Keeping Your Skills Up

Advancement in technology is happening faster than anyone can cope with. The sad part is, if you are left behind by the ever changing technological progress, you lose your way of life. But through audio books, you can play catch up with what is current in the world of science and technology. Update your skills, not by attending seminars which you can have a hard time allocating time for, but through audio books.

Audio books will definitely save you time, energy, and money while you start sharpening your skills.

Learning New Languages

The best way for anybody to learn a foreign language is to be immersed in a community or a society that speaks the language you want to learn. Native speakers of the foreign tongue that you want to learn will help you know the pronunciation and other intricacies of the language. Just like English, other languages will have idiomatic expressions that are difficult to imbue if you do not spend time with a native speaker.

However, only few of us have the time and money to actually learn French in Paris or Swahili in Africa. Audio books are the perfect choice if you want to learn new languages during your free time. Audio books will teach you not just how to read but how to say the words correctly.

Bill Urell

Audio Books could be a way to improve your French Speaking Skills, however we still recommend to use other learning materials such as our free french course.

Nowhere to learn French

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Spiritwolf mucks around with Premiere and After effects again. Movie cut short becuase my account expired and I doubt I would of been interested in finishing it later on anyway.

EDIT: The second song is “Ilona – Un Monde Parfait”

Duration : 0:1:30

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What is the best free way to learn French?

June 14, 2009 by admin · 7 Comments 

What is the best free way to learn french for FREE w/o sitting in a class room?

speak it in your ind. connect together hat you've learned. go to and francais

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La Fête des Mères, 2009

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Nous avons rendu visite la mère de ma femme Karen.

Duration : 0:1:29

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What are some reasons why I should learn French?

April 22, 2009 by admin · 5 Comments 

Ok I am going to high school next year. Like everyone is taking Spanish because its easy. I want to learn french even though its harder. I am also taking business tech advance. So my mom said people speak more Spanish in America and not french. So now I keep thinking I should take Spanish, but I really like french language. So how in life will french help me if I learn that. Also do you think I should learn french or Spanish.

i think it is always a great thing to learn a different language. and besides, you never know, you may actually end up travelling to France or to a place where french is the common language.

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Is there any good way to learn French for free?

April 20, 2009 by admin · 3 Comments 

I really want to learn French, but I can't afford to pay for software, books, or classes right now. (All ready in enough college debt). P.S. : My college doesn't offer French so don't even go there.


Heres a good grammar site:

And one to start off with:

Then, when you have enough knowledge to say a few things, find a native with basic English and 'use each other' so to speak!

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Is it easier to learn French or Italian after you've learned Spanish?

April 7, 2009 by admin · 5 Comments 

I'm planning on studying abroad in an upcoming semester, and I have to take a foreign language course. My two options are French and Italian. I took three years of Spanish in high school and was fairly decent; I can't say that I remember much off the top of my head, but I remember the basic format, etc. Would it be easier, after having taken Spanish, to learn French or Italian?


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How long will it take to learn FRENCH fluently?

April 1, 2009 by admin · 7 Comments 

Hi im a sophomore in high school and in French 2 and i was wondering how long it will take me to learn french fluently?


It really depends on what method you use.

If you go to France and study there you could become fluent in 6 months.

If you stay in the U.S. and keep taking French classes throughout High School and college you still wouldn't be fluent–you would be intermediate to lower advanced (if you take it throughout college).

If you study French in the U.S. through hs and then take vacations to France or Quebec, use French with some natives or French speakers in your neigborhood, and study online, etc you could become fluent in about 2-4 years.
The thing is you have to use the language.
I've taken Spanish in middle school and high school for 5 years and still not fluent because I never use it outside of school and I never been immersed in the language.

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French Telephone Games: Numbers and Conversational Activities for Learning French

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French Telephone Games: Numbers and Conversational Activities for Learning French

Motivate your students to speak French with this fun and effective learning activity. You’ll find everything you need to teach numbers, play number games, introduce French telephone culture and expressions, make a classroom set of paper phones, and encou

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What books/free audio books really do help you learn french?

March 26, 2009 by admin · 1 Comment 

I've tried a few and none of them have worked. Does anyone have suggestions of 'miracle' free programs that really do help you learn a language… If not french… something? I really want to learn another language. And I know that miracle is stretching it, but you get my drift!
When I say books I mean ones I can get out of the library and free audio books either ones I can get out of libraries or download for free on the internet. Thanks for your input!

None would work as nicely as they say they do, but the one that you asked about (Dr. Blairs) is quite nice and fun. See other answer for details.

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