what language is easier to learn french or german?

January 16, 2009 by admin · 36 Comments 

I currently speak spanish (native language) and english (second language). I want to learn a third language and want to choose the les complicated between french and german.

I never learned French, but German wasn’t REALLY hard. I would think that learning English as a second language would be harder than both of those…

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Im 21, what language is easiest to learn French or Japanese?

January 14, 2009 by admin · 14 Comments 

I’ve been told now that im out of school it is harder for me to learn a language as it is easier to when you are younger, or a child. Is this true? Me and my boyfriend are thinking of taking lessons next year as we plan to travel in a few years time and would like to know the language, he thinks French would be more common as alot of countries have French as a basic language (are there multiple french languages though?) whereas only Japan speak Japanese.

Yes, children naturally learn better, but that’s because they’re more adaptable. After fifteen or so the only thing that determines difficulty is your native tongue. Obviously yours is English. Therefore, a Western language that shares origins with English would be easier for you than a language that requires you to learn three new writing systems and has nothing in common with English.

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where can I learn french in midlands ireland?

January 10, 2009 by admin · 2 Comments 

I am a mid 30s male living in midlands Ireland and would love to learn french. What is the best method and where can I look for more information?

Pimsleur method is one way. Buy the CD's.

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education learn languages school college improve best secrets jobs french german

December 30, 2008 by admin · Leave a Comment 

education learn languages school college improve best secrets jobs french german yes get the help you need www.cosmosbis.com/education

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Learn French 13

December 13, 2008 by admin · 25 Comments 

‘Learn French 12′ had a few japanese mistakes: I won’t be re-uploading it.

= Venir de faire quelque chose
(also) Venir juste de faire quelque chose
(also) Venir tout juste de faire quelque chose

(By adding « juste » or « tout juste » you emphasize the fact that it’s JUST happened. The longer the sentence the more recent the action. The main meaning is the same.)

→ Satoshi has just bought a new car.
= Satoshi vient d’acheter une nouvelle voiture.
(or) Satoshi vient juste d’acheter une nouvelle voiture.
(or) Satoshi vient tout juste d’acheter une nouvelle voiture.

= être sur le point de faire

→ Tony is about to propose to Mia.
= Tony est sur le point de demander Mia en mariage.

To propose (to someone) / (誰かに) プロポズする
= demander (quelqu’un) en mariage.

Will you marry me ?
=Veux- tu m’épouser ? (familiar)
=Voulez-vous m’épouser ? (formal)

Duration : 0:4:42

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Does anyone knows a good audiobook to learn french and italian?

December 6, 2008 by admin · 6 Comments 

I want to learn french and italian, one first then the other of course.
Please let me know if you have a good learning experience with an audiobook.

CDs definitely are interactive. There is one set that you can burn to mp3 and carry around in an mp3 player and practice “interacting” with the lessons by respoinding. It is called Pimsleur, Beginning French. Ask at your local library or ask if they can do an inter-library loan. If they do a loan, check out the first lesson (it teaches you to speak simply right away) and then get them made into mp3 files so you can send them back.

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Speak French Like a Pro in Ninety Days

November 28, 2008 by admin · Leave a Comment 

Want to learn to speak French fluenty from a native speaker, for under $50? Then Rocket French might just be for you. Let’s investigate this fascinating interactive product, and see why it’s so effective.


Really, the Rocket series of language products gives you your money’s worth. I mean, only $49.95? That’s about 1/6 the price of Rosetta Stone! E-books, interactive audio courses and games, and lots of bonus material. How can you go wrong?

Additionally, if you are just beginning to learn French, this is definitely the right course. It’s much more friendly towards beginners than other courses I’ve used.

The bonuses are great; amongst other things, you get

* 45 two hour Lessons taking me from beginner through to advanced, with over 3,000 unique audio tracks built in,

* A comprehensive Learning Guide to help me along the way,

* The helpful MegaFrench series of games

* The weekly Members Only Newsletter series full of audio conversations and exercises. It’s quite good, and useful for staying on your toes (rather than forgetting everything you learn–or don’t bother to learn!).

* All of the audio tracks in the lessons as MP3 files for my MP3 player

And that’s just the start. Really, for $49.95, how can you go wrong?

FINAL RATING: If you really want to learn French, you’d be foolish not to try out Rocket French. Definitely buy it. If you’re serious about learning French, don’t waste time.

How can you go wrong for the price and an unprecedented 2-month, no-questions-asked guarantee (it really is that good–I’m paid to check this out!). The truth is, you can’t. So check out Rocket French now.