How long is it supposed to take to learn French?

January 16, 2009 by admin · 3 Comments 

every year i move to a different country. for now i've been in around 10 of 11 different schools. at every school there were diff. french teachers, teaching diff. things. i've been studying French for around 3 or 4 years. but i still can't speak properly. by now im supp. start speaking fluently. but i can't even make a normal sentence….how long is it supposed to take a person to learn French well?

Eskimo: Remplacez le "vous êtes " avec "je suis"…ainsi, votre réponse sera juste!

As curious la,la..already mentioned, there is no definitive time frame for language acquisition. There are numerous factors that can impact the rate at which one learns to communicate well or fluently in French: the duration and frequency of French instruction, the amount of exposure you have to the language outside the classroom, the amount of time you devote to the study and practice of the language on your own, and of course your ability to pick up languages in general.

And I agree that with the inconsistency you are experiencing through all the moves, it is hard to get into a "rhythm" or experience a natural progression in your learning. My advice, try to find a French speaking "e-pal" and correspond with each other on a regular basis…no matter where you are, you will be able to have this correspondance as a constant. If you join Skype, you can perhaps enhance the experience…again, can be accessed from anywhere. Also, you can try some programs like Rosetta Stone or online French courses which might give you more structured learning. As well, you can investigate the Alliance Française which is an international French school with a broad global network. The programs and the teaching methods are pretty much the same for every country so again you could get a more consistent program via this route.

In any case, I wouldn't focus so much on how long it takes you to learn French…everyone learns at their own pace really – besides, French is not an easy language to learn so it is important to take your time. And on a personal note…it took me about 10 years (combination of regular 20min French periods, immersion, and extracurricular activities in French) to really feel comfortable in the language.

Courage! Je te souhaite beaucoup de succès :)

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How can I learn French at home through the computer/internet?

January 12, 2009 by admin · 5 Comments 

here s the deal..i dont know a word of french and i want to learn it..atleast beginner french..
is there any software/program that teaches beginner french through the computer or the internet??
also the teaching should be done with english..
tanx a lot to those people who give good proper answers..!!

There is a software..freeware for that matter.
Juz check for French tutorial in google..
I dwlded it but didnt have time to learn French yet..So if u suceed juz lemme noe…
Here is the site address…

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How to learn French the fastest way?

January 8, 2009 by admin · 6 Comments 

Im planning to go to Switzerland and study there; however, I have to know french to study there, I cant wait to go, and I just want to learn French the fastest i could… another problem, I cant afford to pay a french course or something like that, is there like a website that could help me?

Well, if you have ever studied another Latin-based language, it won’t be so bad. Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, etc.

If you don’t, I strongly suggest you buy some discs of some sort to listen to. At Costco, I picked up GlobalAccess: Italian discs, (very nice), for $40. It’s kind of random the supply though so look for it! Maybe you will get lucky. It also comes with .pdf files so that you can actually read the words online.

If you don’t mind studying by book…
The books I love:
Barron’s Books!
Get the Barron’s French verbs, Barron’s French grammar, and Barron’s French Vocabulary…
It’s awesome! And each little book only costs $7!
I strongly recommend getting the vocab book over a dictionary.
A dictionary is no fun to read…Unless you are very advanced and just want to research one word. The little Barron’s books are nice bc you can read them on the go. They fit in your pocket :D
Also, you can learn section by section – for example, learn all the different names of animals one day and plants the next :)
I’m sure you can find these books at Borders or any other book store…but in case you need it, the site for the books is

After learning Italian almost perfectly (after having known French), I’d say I’m very pleased with Barron’s books!
Good luck! (Bonne chance!)

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how to learn french

August 12, 2008 by admin · 25 Comments 

it is realy easy to learn french

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Learn French Online

April 16, 2008 by admin · Leave a Comment Would you like to learn French online? There is a lot of learn French online software available on the internet. We'll help you find the best learn French online software that will have you speaking and understanding French in no time! Get ready for that vacation or business trip. Find learn French online software that's right for you at

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What is the easiest, quickest way to learn French?

April 4, 2008 by admin · 7 Comments 

I would like to learn French, but in high school I took two years of Spanish and barely passed. I have no knack for learning different languages.

Does anyone have any good, free websites and/or tips on learning French?

This sounds extreme but you really do have to live the language to learn to speak it like a native. And it's the fastest way to learn. If you can manage to move to a country or region where they speak only french, you're forced into learning the language to survive so your brain does it all much more quickly. Anyone can learn a language this way. Our survival depends on it in that case so the brain's language learning center (whatever that's called) kicks into overdrive. Very frustrating though. I studied French all through school and then moved to Montreal in the tenth grade. I learned more French in that six months living there than I did all the years i studied it. Like i say it's frustrating.. it's like being a tiny child learning to speak again and people will giggle and mistakes are made lol. But it happens very quickly. The younger you are, the easier it is. But no matter how old you are, this will work.

If you can't do that, the next best thing is to surround yourself with it. Read in French, find people who will only speak in French to you.. surround yourself with it as much as you can and suppliment it with lots of learning tools such as tapes. it's easier to learn by hearing than by reading (language is very much a hearing thing) so tapes are awesome for helping. But dont' discount books! They can help a lot too. You can never have too much. I recommend getting a book on masculine and feminine articles (la versus le.. some nouns are feminine and some are masculine. This doesn't exist in English but it does in German which is close to English. It sounds funny when you attach the wrong gender to a word but that will come in time even though it sounds really counterintuitive.:)

Pick up a copy of La Bescherelle. It's the French verb superbook. You learn the regular and irregular verbs and how they're conjugated. Verbs are the most important part of speaking a language beacuse we use verbs more than anything. So you have to learn how they're used in order to speak about anything. With the Bescherelle, if you're stuck, you can quickly find out how to express that verb in that moment. I loved mine and never went anywhere without it.

Bonne chance! (good luck! :)

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