French learning English

July 3, 2009 by admin · 25 Comments 

verry funny movie how french tries to learn english :D

Duration : 0:1:53

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Rosetta Stone Keygen *WORKING*

February 7, 2009 by admin · 1 Comment 

This application and video was made by:SSwitzerlandd
This application will allow you to get Rosetta Stone for free. If you don’t know what Rosetta Stone is you can find tons of information on it on the internet! This is very simple to use if you have any questions just follow along with me in the video and I hope they answer all your questions! Enjoy! Learn languages fast and easy!

Download Link:

Top 5 ways to learn another language. Please Please Please Rate the Video.

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Guutenberg Audio Books…

LibriVox (select flag on right)

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I used to play an mmorpg in french called dofus.…

Rosetta stone, pimsleur, and the late michel thomas also have several language courses, but they’re not free unless you use torrents or p2p.

User Posted Suggestions:

Here’s my Learn French Page…

I found this one later on

learn languages online foreign french verbs conjugations learning tutorial lesson free gratuit gratis audio books itune

Duration : 0:1:27

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Learn French insults

January 28, 2009 by admin · 17 Comments 

french lesson

Duration : 0:1:54

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French is Super! Lesson 1

January 18, 2009 by admin · 25 Comments 

Lisa, a UCLA French major translates simple phrases for you! Learn to speak to French people and other people who speak France’s main language… French!

(episode translation: Shut up, Frenchy)

Duration : 0:1:17

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Learn French 18

December 10, 2008 by admin · 25 Comments 

3 french words:

1- Boubou (French masculine word = traditional African clothing)
2- Coucou
(French childish greeting word)
(or as a masculine noun it’s a bird= cuckoo)
3- doudou (masculine French word)

Duration : 0:3:35

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